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OPTILOGG is an appropriate device for any patient with a heart failure diagnosis, and there are no counter indications.

OPTILOGG has been clinically evaluated on patients ranging from NYHA class II to NYHA class IIIb (read more under ”Clinical evidence”). In a non-formalized process, OPTILOGG has also been clinically evaluated on NYHA class IV patients enrolled to ASiH (Advanced Home Care) with very positive results.

To fully leverage the capabilities of OPTILOGG, the patient needs to have preserved or merely mildly impaired cognitive skills, or have a committed spouse or the equivalent thereof. Patients with mild cognitive impairment were included in the study, and should hence not be viewed as a counter indication.

Note that OPTILOGG is provided as a service rather than a product, meaning that you at any time can cancel a system installed at a patient, should the patient fail to use it to the extent you would like him/her to, with no extra charge go to Prescription).


OPTILOGG will not generate any increase in workload for you as a health care provider, or any of your colleagues, and that is a fundamental principle on which the concept of OPTILOGG firmly rests.

If you want to start using OPTILOGG as a part of your heart failure practice, we will sign a framework agreement, which excluding a small sign-up fee, does not lead to any commitments to buy anything, or any other expenses, but only regulates the terms and conditions of the OPTILOGG units you actually end up prescribing to patients. With the agreement in place, we register you and your organization in our files and provide access to our Order portal. When you have a patient that is a suitable candidate for OPTILOGG, you simply input the details outlined in the order portal. Once that is registered CareLigo does the following:

If you feel that the patient no longer needs OPTILOGG, you simply access the order portal and notify CareLigo of this. At that point CareLigo will uninstall the system, with no additional charges or termination fees. Since you never pay anything for the system itself, this means that you never will have to spend money on a system that is not being used to its full potential.

It should be noted that since OPTILOGG is provided as a service that you as a health care provider subscribe to on the patient’s behalf, CareLigo takes care of all service aspects and everything associated with the technology of the system. This means that no integration or adaptation is required from your health records, IT-system/IT-department or MedTech-department.