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Reasons for me to use OPTILOGG


It can sometimes be a little hard to fully comprehend what heart failure really is, even for medical professionals. There are many good prescription drugs that really work, but there aren’t always sufficient resources to make sure that you get exactly what you need, to be best equipped to deal with your disease. OPTILOGG helps you get there.


In spite of all the knowledge and available drugs, heart failure is a disease where you the patient have a significant influence on the disease progression. Heart failure will most often require lifelong treatment, but your perceived quality of life is very much affected by the way you yourself choose to deal with your disease and in fact also your knowledge about the disease. OPTILOGG will help you answer the most important questions, offer pointers on how to improve your well-being, and also help you keep track of all those things your doctor wants you to monitor.


It has been clinically proven that heart failure patients who get OPTILOGG will experience a higher quality of life and will spend fewer days in the emergency room, but without reducing the planned contacts with your doctor.